• Multiple namespaces in Windows Runtime Component with C++/WinRT

    When creating Windows Runtime Components with C++/WinRT I stumbled upon an interesting issue related to namespaces. The problem was that if the .DLL contains components defined in different namespaces, the compiler will generate multiple .winmd files. But when referencing the runtime component from a client project only the topmost (default) namespace is exposed meaning that we have to somehow merge the multiple .winmd files into a single one.

  • Alternatives for events in UWP apps built with C++

    There are some alternatives when subscribing to an event in an UWP application being built with C++.

  • Bizzy Bees with Typescript

    In an effort to learn more about Typescript which is a programming language superset of Javascript, I’ve spent a couple of hours in translating Tess Ferrandez XNA implementation.

  • Introducing programming

    I’ve just returned from a very interesting and motivating day in which I was invited to Bällstabergsskolan in Vallentuna to introduce some of the students to programming. The school has an initiative called “the students choice” in which the students gets to choose activities for a full day that normally isn’t included in the curriculum and hence “Programming” was a topic.

  • Things to consider when using Microsoft Engagement SDK

    A cool framework that we as developers of UWP applications can use to better engage with our customers is the Microsoft Engagement SDK. There are however some things we need to consider.

  • Fun with Advent of Code Day 13.2 and Surface Dial

    Warning: This post does include the solution to Advent of Code 2016 Day 13 part 2!

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